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Sincerely Yours, The Black Arrow Gang: Song Samples

Here are some song excerpts from Sincerely Yours, The Black Arrow Gang. I hope you like them. There’s more music in the full show, of course (about 45 minutes total).

Don’t have time to listen to them all? I suggest you start with The Forest Song.

1. What Color Is Your Rose?

The opening song sets the scene: England during the Wars of the Roses.

2. Marry Whom You’re Told

Joanna learns that her marriage has been arranged.

3. A Man of Means

Dick and Joanna reveal their aspirations.

4. The Forest Song

The Black Arrow Gang in repose. If you listen to one song from the show, make it this one.

5. I’m a Girl

Joanna has been secretly disguised as a boy. No longer.

6. A Damsel In Distress

This is what it’s like.

7. I Wouldn’t Get Married

No, you shouldn’t get married. Definitely not. No way.

8. Throgmorton

Yes, in the original book there is a character named Throgmorton.

9. What Are You Doing In My Heart?

Lord and Lady Foxham, after many years of marriage, at last fall in love.

10. Trouble I Wot

Dick vows to rescue Joanna.

11. Wedding Chant

Joanna’s forced wedding is about to begin.

12. It’s a Wedding

A happy ending: everybody gets married!

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