Ross Carter


The Black Arrow Song Samples

Here are some song excerpts from Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Black Arrow. I hope you like them. There’s more music in the full show, of course (about 45 minutes total).

1. What Color Is Your Rose?

The opening song sets the scene: England during the Wars of the Roses.

2. Marry Whom You’re Told

Joanna learns that her marriage has been arranged.

3. A Man of Means

Dick and Joanna reveal their aspirations.

4. The Forest Song

The Black Arrow Gang in repose.

5. I’m a Girl

Joanna has been secretly disguised as a boy. No longer.

6. A Damsel In Distress

This is what it’s like.

7. Throgmorton

Yes, in the original book there is a character named Throgmorton.

8. What Are You Doing In My Heart?

Lord and Lady Foxham, after many years of marriage, at last fall in love.

9. Trouble I Wot

Dick vows to rescue Joanna.

10. Wedding Chant

Joanna’s forced wedding is about to begin.

11. It’s a Wedding

A happy ending: everybody gets married!

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