Ross Carter


Marion Bright

Let’s call it a show for adults of all ages.

In this original Christmas musical, things are not going too well at the North Pole. Owing to climate warming, the entire facility is about to fall through the ice. Jack Frost can’t handle the pressure. A cargo plane has landed and can’t take off, stranding its pilot and deliveryman. Father Christmas and Grandfather Frost are bickering about where to relocate. And it looks like Marion Bright, executive assistant to the mayor of Toytown, is going to have to consider settling down with an elf.

Marion Bright has roles for 4 women and 3 men, plus as many elves as you care to round up. There is one interior set. Costumes are what you would expect for a story set in Toytown. The script is 82 pages. The musical score comprises 12 songs.

Wouldn’t you like to take a moment now and read the first 15 pages?

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