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Madame Buttermilk Song Samples

Here are some audio files from an early staged reading of Madame Buttermilk. These definitely aren’t studio recordings! Although the show has changed quite a bit since these recordings were made, this will give you an idea of what the songs will sound like in your own production.

1. Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You

Carly bemoans her luck at auditions while her roommate/agent, Kit, predicts a bright future.

2. Clutch Me

The Car Men rehearse one of their top songs.

3. Fais-Do-Do

A fais-do-do is a cajun party. Carly joins the Car Men in rehearsal.

4. Baby Me

Country superstar Earl Conway performs his latest hit.

5. What Might Have Been

Carly and Connor sing about what has kept them apart all these years.

6. Madame Buttermilk

Carly ends Act 1 with a big decision.

7. Overdrive

This big production number opens Act 2. Unfortunately, I had to sing the role of Ford, so don’t expect much vocal quality in this track. We performed this song with practically no rehearsal, and some of the harmonies are tricky. Imagine how great this will sound with your own cast of singers!

8. Things Are Awful

Art, the emcee, and Swaggart, the stage manager, realize that the big show is going to be a disaster.

9. Mia Dolce

Connor thinks Carly has left him.

10. I Hear Bells

The big show! The Car Men perform one of their hits.

11. Baby Me reprise

It’s time for the big Earl Conway song, but Earl has disappeared. Swaggart to the rescue!

12. Extravaganza

For a country bumpkin like Beemer, the only way to get a classy girl like Kit is to sing an aria. OK, I didn’t write the melody for this one, but those sure aren’t the original words.

13. Finale

The happy ending.

Madame Buttermilk Carly and Ford Clutch Me What Might Have Been Connor

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