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Madame Buttermilk Songs

Here are studio recordings of all the songs from Madame Buttermilk. The full complement of sheet music includes an overture and scene transition music.

1. Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You

Carly bemoans her luck at auditions while her roommate/agent, Kit, predicts a bright future.

2. Clutch Me

The Car Men rehearse one of their top songs.

3. Fais-Do-Do

A fais-do-do is a Cajun party. Carly joins the Car Men in rehearsal.

4. Dody’s Lament

You’ve heard of Dido’s Lament? This time it is the voiceless Dody who has a sad story.

5. What Might Have Been

Connor and Carly. There’s been a lot of water under the bridge.

6. The Girl Who’s Waiting Patiently

Art describes his dream girl.

7. Fun

Kit thinks Carly’s country music career will be a hoot.

8. Madame Buttermilk

Carly ends Act 1 with a big decision.

9. Overdrive

Everyone loves the state fair!

10. All I Ever Wanted

All I ever wanted I have found it here.

11. Buy Here, Pay Here

Carly and the band rehearse for the big show.

12. Things Are Awful

For Art and Swaggart, things can’t get any worse.

13. Looking For Carly

Every opera story needs a recitative.

14. I’m Sick

Too much fair food for Kit.

15. Extravaganza

For a country bumpkin like Beemer, the only way to get a classy girl like Kit is to sing an aria. OK, I didn’t write the melody for this one, but those sure aren’t the original words.

16. Funny Little People

Carly discovers what she has in common with her new friends.

17. La Mia Bella Donna

Carly and Connor reconcile.

18. I Hear Bells When You Walk By

The big show is getting off to a crazy start.

19. Baby Me

It’s time for the big Earl Conway song, but Earl has disappeared. Swaggart to the rescue!

20. Finale

The happy ending.

Carly: Hope Quinn
Connor: Andrew Hampton Livingston
Ford: Rick McVey
Beemer: Zacchaeus Kimbrell
Kit: Kim Morgan Dean
Art: Sean Maximo Campos
Swaggart: Ashley Campos
Piano: Dishon Smith
Violin: John Haggerty
Tap Steps: Andrew Hampton Livingston
Recording Engineer: Matt Green
Music Director: Zacchaeus Kimbrell

All music copyright by Ross Carter. All rights reserved. Copying or other use is prohibited. This is not a cast album.

Katherine Lyle and Rick McVey Katherine Lyle

Rick McVey and Katherine Lyle, Barter Theatre

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