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Playwright and novelist

Please Use Other Door

I call it a boardroom farce.

The problem with most farces is this: the set is static, and while there are lots of doors, you never get to see what happens on the other side of a door. Wouldn’t it be funny if we could follow the action into the rooms behind the doors?

And wouldn’t it be funny if the farce were about something other than a man trying to hide his mistress from his wife?

Please Use Other Door is set in the office suite of a large corporation. A management expert, Lily LeBlanc, is about to convince the CEO to get rid of the vice-presidents Lanny, Manny, and Fred. The men realize that their only hope is to convince Lily that their office secretary, Vienna, is really the Super Senior Executive Vice-President. But Lily has another plot in mind.

And so does Vienna.

Please Use Other Door has roles for 4 men and 4 women. The set requires four upstage doors and exits on each side. There are no particular costume needs. The script is 84 pages, with continuous action in two acts.

Wouldn’t you like to take a moment now and read the first 15 pages?

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