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Sincerely Yours, The Black Arrow Gang

What, you haven’t read The Black Arrow by Robert Louis Stevenson? It goes like this:

England. The Wars of the Roses. A wicked villain. A damsel in distress. A young hero. A fearsome gang that leaves its calling card—a black arrow—in the hearts of its victims.

In my musical adaptation of the frankly forgettable novel, female characters take on a stronger role, and everyone simply cannot help being funny.

Sincerely Yours, The Black Arrow Gang has roles for 9 men and 4 women (it is a Robert Louis Stevenson story, after all) plus an ensemble as big as you care to make it. Scenes are exterior and interior. Costumes are appropriate for the historical era. The script is 103 pages. The musical score comprises 16 songs.

Wouldn’t you like to take a moment now and read the first 15 pages? And why not listen to some song excerpts?

If you would like a full script for perusal, or you wish to inquire about performance rights and royalties, email playwright at

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